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Welcome to the website dedicated to Frans Erkens' philosophical theology writing projects.

Published works are grouped into five categories:

Discerning This Present Time: Books with a focus on understanding what is going on in the world today, along with understanding yourself. Four are currently published, with more expected to come out fairly soon.

Inner Spirituality: Books with a focus on mysticism and the science of walking after the spirit in the flesh. Two are currently published.

Mechanics and Mechanization: Books that focus on the interface between the spiritual and the physical on the level of the individual. These thus kind of straddle the previous two categories. One volume published so far, with at least one more expected to come out relatively soon.

The Victory of the Christ Mind: Treatises on morality in the form of Biblical commentary. Three published so far, with the hope of eventually completing a series of twelve.

Other Books: So far only includes an introduction to the teachings of the religious tradition I grew up in, presented in question and answer format.

Please also feel free to check out the material presented under miscellaneous writing, my reflections on current affairs, information on current and future projects, and links to great additional online resources. You can also contact me.

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