Words of Wisdom, or, The Wisdom of Words

A sort of witty play on words that is intended to convey a meaningful message. A very short piece which remains a work in progress that I foresee continuing to tweak and add to or subtract to from time to time.

Statement on Basic Truths

A concise statement on common sense principles. Will probably be revised over time to reflect current affairs.

Governing Energy Flow

An unfinished piece that is intended to serve as a sort of introduction to my writings on Inner Spirituality.

The  Purpose of Life

The purpose of life is explored, along with just what it means and implies for life and creation to have a purpose. The inadequacy of various common responses to the question of life's purpose are explored as well. 

Two Letters on Abortion, Morality and Soul Psychology

Brings up some general points about the nature of morality and soul psychology, while addressing the value and usefulness of a particular kind of pro-life outreach.

Two Letters on the Nature of Philosophy

Some thoughts on the question of what philosophy is, which touch upon the connection between wisdom, love, self-mastery and moral integrity.

Trump and the American People

Some thoughts on whether Trump was closer to the people and on his role in American politics more broadly. ​

Master's Thesis on Hegel's Philosophy of Religion

A link to my Master's thesis in philosophy providing an analysis of G.W.F Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit that incorporates a number of themes that connect to those found in my other writings. I also ended up producing a revised and expanded stand-alone version of one chapter from this thesis shortly after completing the thesis itself, which can be found here.