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Three Reasons for the Current Situation

There are plenty of outer crises that have played a significant role in contributing to the madness that is gripping our society. There is of course the pandemic. There is also the increasing frequency and scale of natural disasters and extreme weather. There is furthermore a very noticeable uptrend in wars, famines, coups, economic meltdowns and other destructive events in countries around the world. And there are all sorts of economic and political stresses at home and abroad, along with the very real threat of physical, cyber, biological or even nuclear war. The world is in many ways a less secure place than it used to be (and certainly feels that way), which is acting as a significant reason for why people are behaving in peculiar ways.

It needs to be recognized, however, that the way in which people are responding (and in many cases overreacting) to these sorts of stresses owes much to a conscious or subconscious recognition that there are more than just human or physical causes underlying them. The truth is that people are by and large not only reacting to calamities and the uncertainty that comes along with them in and of themselves. They are also reacting to the descent of karma and the spiritual coming to terms which those calamities and stresses represent and portend.

People’s behavior has not just been affected by the pandemic through the fear and other reactions triggered by the disease itself, for example. Their behavior has also been affected by the fear and other reactions that the impression of living in a period of societal meltdown and accelerated karmic descent concurrently triggered. We would not have reacted to the virus (as a nation or as a global community) in anything resembling as unprecedented, destructive, overblown and ridiculous a manner as we in fact did if this had not played a role. And the same sort of thing can be said when it comes to natural disasters, extreme weather, economic decline, or threats of war.

This certainly plays a role in accounting for some of the craziness we are seeing. And it may be worth pointing out that an individual’s thinking, feeling and behavior can be affected by the impression of an accelerated karmic descent and a spiritual coming to terms even when he does not outwardly acknowledge such things, or even “believe” in karma or the like. People end up feeling more deeply insecure and threatened by worldly stresses, crises and threats than they otherwise would, when they perceive there to be spiritual stresses, crises or threats underlying them. This will be the case however consciously or subconsciously that may play itself out. And the fact that it can have a powerful effect either way should be quite abundantly obvious from much that has been going on in the last few years.

The two sides of what I have identified undoubtedly form a significant part of the reason for why things have gotten as crazy as they have. The fact of finding ourselves in as tumultuous and insecure a time as we do—and in a time the tumultuousness and insecurity of which is so palpably tied up with spiritual causes and effects—is exerting a strong influence on how people are responding to a wide range of situations. People are as on edge about developments and states of affairs in the world as they are, in other words, in considerable part because the world is as on edge as it is in large part due to the convergence of spiritual and worldly factors and developments.

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There is also the influence of the Chinese communist regime. It has become quite incontrovertibly obvious that this regime has engaged in activities in America and elsewhere that have been designed to aggravate all sorts of tensions in order to foster Marxism, socialism, communism, anarchy and division. This interference appears to have been the most pronounced in fields like education and the media, although it has hardly been limited to those fields. And the same can likely be said when it comes to other communist and authoritarian regimes that are far from having our best interests at heart, such as those in Cuba, Russia, Iran and elsewhere.

There is quite incontrovertibly an element in the overall scope of the negative influences and insidious aggravation that have been exerted in America and many other countries of late that is distinctly foreign. And it is foreign not only in the sense of deriving from outside the country, but also in the sense of imposing lines of thought and patterns of reaction on the populace in a way that does not really mesh with anything that has organically developed in the country over time. Communist, Marxist, atheist and anarchist patterns of behavior and reaction have in a significant sense of the word been imposed on the people of America from places where these have long developed more organically. It may also be worth noting that the immoderate influence of certain international organizations has contributed significantly to this.

The implications of what I am describing are very noticeable, while the silver lining is that when you see this you should also see that there is significantly more room for hope than there might otherwise have appeared to be. The truth is that the world would be a very different (and incontrovertibly better) place if communism did not exist in China, even as the eventual fall of the regime there will undoubtedly trigger major positive shifts all over the planet. And the same can be said to a lesser extent when it comes to regimes in other authoritarian and communist states.

When contemptible, unprincipled and out of control governments are deeply entrenched in any country in the world, that tends to have a greater and more insidious global influence than is commonly acknowledged. This plays itself out both explicitly in the sense of activities such regimes take part in or promote abroad, as well as implicitly in the sense of how people’s sense of what is normal or acceptable comes to be qualified by the very presence of those regimes.

The fact that almost a billion and a half people in what was one of the world’s greatest civilizations and cultures live under a totalitarian government where the state is treated more or less like God cannot but have a serious effect on what people all over the world come to view as normal, as well as on how they come to frame various issues at home. And so does the very existence of regimes as ridiculous as those in North Korea and Venezuela.

It furthermore bears pointing out that communism in particular is a political phenomenon which is uniquely suited to both sides of this. It is by its nature a movement that is designed to insidiously extend its tentacles through all aspects of society, at the same time as seeking to spread beyond its borders. And it is also by its nature a movement that is substantially predicated on subtly (and not so subtly) qualifying how people think, feel, assess and inwardly intuit things, largely by taking advantage of their inherently spiritual nature. And so, if there were a lot of corrupt, unprincipled and authoritarian regimes in the world without there being communist ones per se, then the situation in America and the international community would almost certainly be considerably different from what it is.

All of this is also part of the reason for why the situation at home and elsewhere has gotten as crazy as it has as quickly and haphazardly as it has done so. We are all part of a global community that has been very heavily infiltrated by and conditioned to great evil in the guise of communism, totalitarianism, fanatical ideologies, and all that goes along with these things. And we have furthermore found ourselves much more vulnerable to normalizing much of what has transpired abroad than we ought to have, in significant part because we have first forfeited so much of our inner groundedness.

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There have furthermore been actions that have been taken by malicious individuals in our own country with the intent of doing harm and firing people up. Whether inside the government or outside of it, whether on the scenes or behind them, and whether in positions of leadership in all sorts of fields or in the margins of society, there have been individuals who have made a concerted effort to affect things for the worse. And it bears pointing out that this sort of thing has considerably intensified of late. While there have always been people who stand out for their iniquity and for their will to control others, many of those people have been behaving considerably differently in the last few years than they previously did, much like almost everyone else has been behaving considerably differently.

Although there have always been malicious people doing what they do and contributing significantly to pushing society in the wrong direction, the effect of their presence is more widespread and acute at present than in the recent past. A major part of the reason for this is that the wicked and godless have been reacting to spiritual shifts, a rising level of awareness among the populace, an accelerated rate of karmic return, and an intensification of divine judgment. And that reaction—in connection with the polarization of which it is both an effect and a cause—is exerting a strong influence on what passes in the hearts, souls and minds of children of God in embodiment.

The truth is that right while many well-meaning people have become more vulnerable to being pulled in the wrong direction, that pulling has intensified considerably because many who have long been walking in that direction are more wound up themselves. The latter are disconcerted by positive spiritual and social shifts that are occurring (and even more so by the more portentous shifts which it appears might soon occur if things go broadly in the right direction), even as the former are stirred up by those same shifts. Furthermore, as the situation in the country is becoming more polarized, players on both sides of the board are acting more in line with who they are on the inner.

This connects to the principle that when goodness expands, evil can hardly but come to stand out more clearly. And those who are broadly aligned with it can then hardly but end up feeling distinctly threatened. Now, there are unfortunately individuals in embodiment who stand quite apart from the majority of mankind for the extent to which they are aligned with evil and have espoused enmity with God. And the implications of their presence in the context of all else that is happening quite incontrovertibly factors into the reasons for why we are seeing the level of wickedness and madness that we are currently witness to.

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