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Good Seed Planted in the Field

You are a spiritual being embodied in the flesh. Sounds simple enough, perhaps, but there is considerably more to it than most people realize. Not only do you have a fairly complex inner constitution that attests to your spiritual origins and nature, there is also a fairly complex interface between how spiritual and physical causal factors play themselves out as a result. And you are intended to exercise a certain level of control over this, even as you are intended to function much more consciously and explicitly as a spiritual being than most people do. This is a major key to turning around much that needs to be turned around in the world, even as much in the world currently operates in ways that might make living up to your spiritual nature seem considerably more difficult than it inherently is. And what is more, if you fail to see yourself for the fundamentally spiritual being you are and act accordingly, any morality you espouse is likely to end up seriously compromised because it will reflect an inner vacuity.

Published January, 2022

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