My primary focus is currently on bringing to completion volumes in the Discerning this Present Time and Mechanics and Mechanization series. These stem from two previously published books (entitled Discerning This Present Time, Volumes One "On Spiritual Demographics" and Volume Two "The Human Family"). These have been taken out of publication, because I came to the conclusion that they contained significant problems and flaws, as well as that the various material they included would be better presented in the guise of a number of more focused and polished individual treatises. The first three of these have already been published. The rest as currently conceived will tentatively include:

Meeting the Challenge of the Hour: Dealing with polarization and the unique challenges of present times.


​All Too Equal: In what sense of the word people are and are not equal and how this connects to socialism.

A Common Planet: Dealing with nations, migrations and some related topics.


Unique in the Divine Image: A spiritual perspective on diversity, with some discussion on problems with how diversity is commonly thought of these days.

The Wicked Among Us: Dealing with embodied evil.


​Tares Sown Among the Wheat: A follow-up volume to Good Seed Planted in the Field, dealing with some more speculative and controversial topics.




​​I have a lot of material for future volumes in the Victory of the Christ Mind series, some of which I hope to bring to completion in the relatively near future. Ideally, I see the completed series as consisting of twelve installments corresponding to the twelve lines of the cosmic clock, with the three volumes currently published occupying the first three lines of the clock and thus constituting the etheric quadrant. More details hopefully to follow. I'm also thinking of revising Foundations on the Way once more to deal with some issues and things I'd like to express differently.

There are numerous other projects I have planned or in progress, including:

-A volume in the Discerning This Present Time series having to do with the soul's relationship with the world, and probably another volume having to do with Faith, Reason, consensus and the implications of seeing through a glass darkly.

-A series of dialogues in defense of a theological worldview


-A work on inner spirituality that will take the form of a reflection on the Keeper's Daily Prayer


-Eventually some sort of work on the interface between spiritual and physical causal factors in the cosmos

If interested in further information about any of this, please feel free to send me a message via the contact page.