Currently, a major focus is working on the second volume of Discerning this Present Time. The chapters of this volume are very tentatively entitled "Nations and Migrations," "Identity and Victimization," and "Cause and Consequence."

I also plan to keep working on developing the video-lecture series.

I have a lot of material for future volumes in the Victory of the Christ Mind series, some of which I hope to bring to completion in the relatively near future. Ideally, I see the completed series as consisting of twelve installments corresponding to the twelve lines of the cosmic clock, with the three volumes currently published occupying the first three lines of the clock and thus constituting the etheric quadrant. (For information about the Cosmic Clock, check out the relevant site on the links page.) More details hopefully to follow.

There are numerous other projects I have planned or in progress, including a series of dialogues in defense of a theological worldview, a selection of essays, and a treatise on metaphysics.

If interested in further information about any of this, please feel free to send me a message via the contact page.