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Words of Wisdom, or, The Wisdom of Words


Don’t just think that you think. Rather, strive to know that you know and to know when you do not know, as well as to develop absolute certainty about certain absolutes, while remaining as open as possible to all open possibilities and as generally receptive to new ideas as to the general idea of newness.

For all of this, it is necessary to begin by wondering why you wonder, by questioning why you question and by deliberating on why you deliberate. Doing so will not only help you to reach the point of grasping what it means to believe that you believe, but also to believe that the means of grasping meaning are within your reach.

As you so start to understand how and why your life was conceived out of reality, you will find yourself better able to conceive of that reality and to understand how to answer the whys and why to pursue the hows of your life. This is both the way to seeing how to be who you really are, and to seeing yourself as a being who is really on the way.

In following such a course you will be able to progress from merely perceiving that you perceive towards perceiving as you are perceived by the most perceptive, from feeling that you feel towards feeling as you feel you ought to feel, and from sensing that you sense towards sensing the enfoldment of that sense through which life will make greater sense.

Then you will be equipped to meaningfully engage in drawing meaning from all of your engagements, while finding yourself destined for a life of eminence and virtue in virtue of the eminence of your life’s destination.

Obviously, all of these truths are truly obvious, but it is a fact that common ignorance has not failed to make men ignorant of the most common facts.

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